How’ll I get the job leads ?

  • Yes, We provide inquiries of respective location to the franchisee owner as per following details.

  • a. We are the only Recruitment Company across India with own Customer Care Center (IVR Solution), where we get calls from companies from all over India. If any inquiry comes from the area of the franchisee, that inquiry will be transferred to the franchisee owner.

  • b. If any of our existing client from anywhere across India gives any vacancy in the area of our franchisee, that opening will be¬†transferred to the respective franchisee.

  • c. We promote our franchisee across the internet over our website, facebook, Google etc We generate many inquiries from our website through our online promotion. So, if any inquiry comes, that transfer to respective franchisee.

  • d. We give training to Franchisee owner and their staff so that they can also generate leads/vacancies himself by visiting/contacting various companies in their area and should not only depend upon Head Office to get vacancies.

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