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We are one of the most renowned and largest management consultant companies of India with specialization in providing recruitment solutions for engineering & non engineering industrial needs at all levels and branches like biomedical, electrical, electronics, mechanical, chemical, software, IT etc. We provide services with following facilities

1. APS Walk-in Card

2. Professional CV Service

3. APS Super Job Posting

APS Super Job Posting

4. Place your Students (For Colleges/Consultants)

APS Monthly Walk-in Plan

5. Become Our Affiliate (Only for Cyber Cafes)

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6. Earn while U Learn 


7. Get Job-seekers Database (For Consultants/Companies) - Excel sheet for minimum 100 job-seekers along with their Contact Numbers, Names, Location etc of matching profiles will be provided from our database.Database pricedatabase1job posting offer

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We offer our services to you, if you have any vacancy in your esteemed organization. We are here to cater you. You can either mail us or call us anytime;  It will be our pleasure to have a hearing from your side.

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